Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stress Mangement 101

As you have no doubt noticed, Everyday Magic has undergone a change of color. This is because the official first day of Fall (or Autumnal Equinox) was last week. So we're changing with the seasons! You can probably expect something in a garish red and green come December. And maybe a few elves and some English carolers as well.

Anyway - to the point...

This blog post is for all of those high school and college students who end their school day wanting to either crawl into a dark hole somewhere or throw themselves off a cliff. However, those who do not fit in this category are more than welcome to read as well.

If you are one of those students, then here are my suggestions to strengthen your grip on reality and make your days a little more purposeful:

1. Count a Blessing. This has been my saving grace these past weeks as I've started this blog. There's always something bright and beautiful out there to enjoy and be grateful for. So take a few seconds to get out of the bumper-to-bumper traffic of life and enjoy something God has given you every day. It will help you remember that life really is good in spite of your workload.

2. Don't work yourself into the dust. Establish a time for study in which you read textbooks and write papers like a maniac. And when the time is up, PUT THE BOOKS AWAY. Don't touch or look at them again for the rest of the day. Go to a park, make cookies, read a novel, watch a movie, take a hike, spend time with a friend, listen to your favorite music, drive Provo Canyon and see the colorful leaves - whatever takes your fancy. As my eloquent, college professor father put it, take some time be a real human being again

3. Breathe - slowly and deeply. I'm told that often stress begins simply with shallow breathing. And besides that, functional lungs are yet another thing to be grateful for! Take it from a seasoned asthmatic, you don't know what a blessing it is until you have to fight for your next inhalation. So take a few deep breaths, review your plan for the day, get things straightened out in the synapses, and then go on with renewed vigour.

4. When you are having one of those just-shoot-me-now days, know that you are by no means alone. I've been there (in fact, I am there). I have many friends who have been there. And I can almost promise you that if your parents have been educated and are at least half human, they've been there, too. And there are probably a lot of people around you who are experiencing much the same thing. So think of them as well as yourself, and break from the ordinary to give a smile or compliment to one of your fellow men. It will make their day and most certainly improve yours, I guaruntee it.

Til next time, my friends...

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  1. #2! That's the one I need to work on. Not that I work myself into a dust cloud or anything, but I do have trouble separating work and play, and they don't mix well AT ALL.

    Your new background is swirly and nice. It reminds me of an underwater sunset, if that makes any sense :3