Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Somber Day

Today has been very solemn and rather quiet here at the center. One of our students has received some terrible news. Jackson is one of my marvelous home teachers--a kind and sweet and enthusiastic young man (our one and only non-RM) who loves Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. We were informed at announcements today that last night his father took his own life.

We were all stunned, and no one said a word as we left the forum for linen exchange. I don't think I've ever seen everyone so quiet. Nobody knew quite what to say. We were all heartbroken for Jackson. He was keeping a low profile, staying in his room for the moment--and rightly so. I wouldn't have wanted a lot of attention either.

As the compassionate service leader and because I love Jackson, I wanted to find a way to do something for him. I thought we might be able to do what we do for birthdays--writing happy notes to the lucky boy or girl--for Jackson. Within ten minutes of my making to suggestion to Sister Bench, the project was under way. We collected over sixty-five notes within the next few hours--one from almost everyone on the program. Sister Bench put them in an envelope to send along with him when he goes home for the funeral. He plans to rejoin us afterwards, but when exactly we aren't sure. I also got to give him a hug when I saw him this afternoon. He needed it.

Anyway--besides all that the day has been good. Classes went well even though I hadn't finished the reading (this is aparently becoming a regular thing--I should fix that). I found our lessons in Israel and Palestine fascinating, as they were both getting into the realm of Zionism, but from different perspectives. I am ashamed to admit that I feel alseep for about fifteen minutes of Bashir's class. I feel so badly for him sometimes--if I was him I wouldn't want to teach our class. The two hour block after lunch is a terrible one for staying alert.

I did not go out today, but probably will for a little while tomorrow. I spent most of the afternoon on my bed, reading the writings of Isaiah. I can't believe I haven't studied this book in depth before. I am in awe of Isaiah and the Lord with every new chapter. I officially love Isaiah.

I must be off to dinner. More tomorrow!

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