Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let it Snow!

Sorry about the delay, everybody. Life has not been granting me the luxury of leisure time of late. And as far as budgeting my time goes, leisure is all I can afford to spend on this poor neglected little blog of mine. Right now, though, I am in desperate need of something to write that isn't literary criticism, so I am more than willing to make it work with my otherwise hectic to-do list.

I have a roommate. Well, five actually - but one in particular I shall make mention of. She is from Georgia. She is a regular Southern belle, minus the thick accent. She always looks lovely, is of a sunny disposition, and is an exellent cook (suffice it to say that the good old Freshman 15 wasn't a danger to us until she moved in at the start of semester). But as I said, she is from the South, and so is accustomed to sunny skies, warm days, and a significant percentage of humidity during the spring and summer. As a result, today came as quite a frustration to her, to put the situation kindly. And why, do you ask, was she in such a state?

Well, my friends, it snowed. Heavily. In MARCH. And here's the great irony of the thing:


Indeed, it is so. Last Sunday was the official, astronomical, by-the-calendar, universally known FIRST DAY OF SPRING. And how does Mother Nature celebrate? Well, it didn't look like Botticelli's "Primavera," I'll tell you that much.

However, there is still great beauty in it. Have you ever seen fresh, living green grass covered in delicate snow crystals? Or how about a little bird dancing through the air with a chorus of snowflakes? Have you thrown a snowball lately, or caught one of the cool, delicate flakes on the tip of your tongue?

I am a cock-eyed optomist. I know this about myself. I made most of these observations to my best friend while we walked home through a big, wet, drippy blizzard, both of us soaked to the bone and so cold we couldn't feel our feet. After I had stopped mid-stride and bent down to observe the aforementioned blades of grass, Katie just looked at me, shook her head, and declared in a disbelieving tone that I would probably be able to find something pretty to look at even if I were stranded in the middle of Antarctica. I took it as a compliment. But in spite of it all, I hold to it still - there's beauty in any situation if you're willing to look.

You know what I'm going to say, I image - but I'll say it anyway. Go find something beautiful! Every single thing in creation is a blessing. And even if it snows, they're still there, just waiting to be discovered. And who knows? You might just find something magical you wouldn't have known before.

That's all for now, friends - I'll try and be more prompt in my postings in the future (though I won't make any promises I intend to keep until after finals are over). 'Til next we meet....

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