Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Treasures of Turkey

So I said more on souveniers later--and here it is. This is my list of treasures I have brought back from Turkey:

1 pair of Sultan pants (variation on genie pants, but better quality and ultimately more comfortable)
1 present for Lydia (can't disclose, as she might read this)
1 present for Nathan (ditto)
1 Fez
2 pairs of earrings (about $2 each--a steal)
2 hand painted bowls (one for me and one for my mom)
1 box of Turkish Delight and one or two other treats
1 little wooden horse to remember Troy by
1 fridge magnet (also Troy)
1 bracelet
2 something beautiful (again I can't say because I know who reads this blog)

And here for your information are my Souvenier Stats:

Total number of non-food items: 13
Items for my own use and pleasure: 8
Items intended for other people: 5
Items I feel good about buying: 11
Items I regret: 2
Items for self that I absolutely adore: 5

Number of items costing $10 or less: 12
Of those above, number costing $5 or less: 8

Total cost of treasures for this trip: approx. $65.00, give or take a few.

So yes, there you have it. I spent more than I tended to, but on the whole I felt good about my purchases. I sort of regretted my Troy purchases later, but together they cost about ten dollars, so it's not to costly a regret. I'm super excited about the gifts I found for others, and I'm really in love with my sultan pants and my bracelet, which is made up of jade-looking beads, a couple little charms, and a bead with the Turkish evil eye symbol on it (I wanted something with the evil eye that was subtle, and there it was--much more discreet than the giant multi-eyed door ornaments I saw everywhere). I also felt that, being longer in Jerusalem, my normal rate of expendenture would not be so high--just a few sheks for a felafel or mango juice from time to time. I can afford that, I think.

Ma'asalaama--more catch up soon!


  1. Very cute! We'll look forward to seeing all your treasures. One of my favorite things to do while travelling is to shop and find treasures unique to that place and country. If you see something you really like, remember that you probably won't see it again (unless you're in Jerusalem).
    Love, Mom

  2. Sounds like you did some awesome shoppin'! Can't wait until you post the genie/sultan pants photo. They sound so fun!