Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Like a Box of Chocolates

Who doesn't like chocolates? I certainly do - especially the ones with different centers. Growing up, I remember my father bringing home boxes of Sees candy on special occasions - like Mothers Day or Christmas or Valentines - and letting each of us kids select one to try. Every now and then the box would come with one of those handy little charts that show which one is filled with what, but most of the time we were left to guess and be surprised. I learned in a hurry to avoid those with sprinkles (they were usually coffee-flavored) and the flat, cookie-like ones as well (toffee, which gets stuck in my teeth something fierce). My personal favorites were maple, strawberry, and marzipan.

I'm not trying to make you hungry (though I may have succeeded anyway, yes?). There is a point. Because this month has been so crazy, my blog posts this month and last have been few and far between. I have still been looking for magic and miracles, though, and there are so many I want to share. Therefore, this blog post is going to be the Everyday Magic Sees Candy Box of Chocolates, in which I will describe a varied and unorganized assortment of the little bits of magic that have come my way this semester. Some may be sweeter than others. Some look better than they are and some are better than they look. Some are Haiku, some are poetry, some are not. Each is different, and each is good in its own way.  So without further ado, here you are - enjoy!

I walk down the sidewalk, gray sky above and gray pavement beneath, braced against a chilling autumn wind. The wind is not beating upon me alone, however - a large, thick-branched tree across the street also feels the brunt of it's passing. As it's boughs shake and tremble against their assailaint, I look up to find myself assailed as well - not by wind, but by an army of golden-brown leaves, deserters from their mother tree. In seconds I was in their midst, watching them skirt about my feet and over the sidewalk, dancing around my head and shoulders on the wings of the next breeze. Watching them go, I can see why they chose to forsake their first home. I would have, too - faced, as a leaf, with a choice between falling and flight.

I pace about the living room
My heart alive with dread
To see encased in long-grain rice
A laptop nearly dead.

I thought it was man's only,
But now in retrospect
I see that Vaio laptops
Can also ressurect.

There are few sensations in this world more beautiful than the presence of a friend in times of distress to mend the heart and dry the tears. Fewer still are more beautiful than seeing the loving hand of the Lord reaching into your heart, healing and shaping in His own infinitely precious way.

Warm as summer's day
Chocolate nectar down my throat
Cocoa paradise

Empty silent home
Then a knock upon the door
Happiness returns

Over darkened hills
A golden summit appears
God's holy Mountain

Formula for a pleasant afternoon: Warm sun + Fresh Bread + River parkway + Pooh Sticks + Best Friend + Laughter = Blissful, Carefree two hours.

Formula for Effective Orage Rolls: Everything Grandma Pullan says + yeast that is younger than I am = a warm, sticky delight that does not resemble a pancake.

Formula for a Blessed Life: Family, Temple, Church, Jesus Christ, His infinite atonement, and enduring to the end. Combine all in full measure both in this life and the next. Result = Pure Joy and Eternal Life.

The sun sets over the Provo Valley, causing the night sky to bleed crimson and gold. Shadows lengthen, and the day comes to a triumphant close. I walk towards the blood red sun, feeling the last shreds of its warmth brush my face and hands. The day is done, and I am going home. All is well.

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  1. Rachel hi! I came across your blog through Amanda's! What an incredible writer you are! I love love love your little bits of blessings! Life is like a box of chocolates indeed!