Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Begining

Today is a marvelous day. It happens to be the day that the first Kit Carson movie debuted in the good old USA. It is also the anniversary of the publication of one of my favorite books - J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit." It is the day, over two centuries ago, when Benedict Arnold commited high treason against the American Continental Army. It is one of the last days of true summer, but two days shy of the Vernal Equinox - one of only two days in the year on which there is equal darkness and light from daybreak 'til nightfall. And it just so happens to be the one year anniversary of Everyday Magic.

Happy Birthday!!! Cake and confetti all around! Trumpet fanfares and a rousing chorus! Blow out the candles! Make a wish!

Just kidding. We could wait from now until next millenia for this blog to blow out a birthday candle and it wouldn't happen. Naturally - technology being what it is, one can't expect much better. However, everyone should feel free to make wishes... as many as you please.


And so we begin again. Once more, Autumn is upon us - with the color of leaves, and the sweet ripe peaches fat with juice, the crisp mornings and warm afternoons... A year of seasons past, and here we stand, watching Autumn make its entrance on nature's stage once again. One beautiful, wonderful, magical year later - and here I am.

The Magic is still here, too - it always is. Just the other day I walked through a lawn sprinkler on purpose, even in my school clothes, just to feel the cool mist on my sun warmed skin. I went out and sang in the rain one night, bare feet and all. Twice I have gone out to greet the sun as it climbs over the summit of the mountians and off into the sky, feeling its new warmth embrace me with the brightness of a new day. There are still peaches to sink your teeth into that will make your whole face sticky, and songs that you dance to until you can't possibly take another step, and stars to gaze up at and wonder. There are people who bring comfort in grief, cheer in sadness, companionship in lonliness. There are moments to smile, moments to cry, and moments to laugh until you feel your chest will burst. The small pleasures, the little graces, the tender mercies - the Magic - it's still there. It's always there - no matter how many years may pass.

This is me. Or rather, this is my blog. We are still carrying on, taking the weeks and the days and the hours as they come. I am still seeking the wonder and magic in the world, because no matter how many blog posts I write or prayers of thanksgiving I offer, there is always another treasure to be found. Autumn has come, Winter will follow, and Spring and Summer again... I cannot wait to see them all, and to share them with you once more.

Thank you to those who have read these musing and ramblings and wishes for so long. Thank you for a year of dedication and love. You truly are a Magic all your own.

'Til next time, my friends - and here's to another wonderful year to come.

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