Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top 10 List #1: How I Know I am Meant to Be an English Major

So it isn't particularly magical, but I did find it funny to see how literature classes have been influencing me.


10. and are two of my best friends.

9. My vocabulary has gained me a reputation (in high school especially) for being a walking dictionary.

8. I've done copy edits on my own journal entries.

7. My puns are intended more often than not.

6. I write in dactylic tetrameter for fun (and if you know what that means, it's possible that you are an English Major, too).

5. I can speak fluent Shakespearean (in soliloquy style, pun and play-on-words, dialogue and banter, or sonnet - you name it).

4. I manage to find situational irony if half the situations I encounter day to day (just ask my roommates).

3. My summer reading list looks like my ENG 292-293 syllabus (including but not limited to Great Expectations, Wuthering Heights, The Merchant of Venice, The Great Gatsby, and Moby Dick).

2. The most exciting thing to happen to me in the last three weeks was the discovery of a topic on which I could write a really good thesis paper (Societal Origins of the Princess Story).

1. Reading Dickens, Twain, Joyce, Bronte (any of the three), Shakespeare - and/or any other writer that has a place in about 80% of the classical and contemporary Cannons - excites me to the point of rapture.


Well, there you have it. If it there was any doubt before, it is now dispelled. I am a literary fanatic. A novel enthusiast, a poetry zealot, a short fiction nutcase, a Shakespearean disciple - all of the above and more.

I don't think I shall be changing my major any time soon.

Thanks for reading through yet another example of my secret (and not-so-secret) craziness and eccentricity. Your patience and tolerance is much appreciated, as ever it has been.

'Til next time, my friends...


  1. Hi Rachel- I wish I could write my comment in dactylic tetrameter, but I'd have to look it up on and I have to go to work soon. Suffice it to say - you are will be a great English Major. You love language and literature and convey it well.
    Love, mom

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  3. do what you believe, enjoy the fun.
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