Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Everlasting Things

Usually I talk about simplicity and magic. Today, I have something of a more important nature to share. I have talked all this time about blessings in this world, but there is a very important one that I have neglected to count.

It is this: What an inconceivable blessing it is to have a prophet and apostles on the earth, and to have the ability to hear their words! It is a blessing that we live in a nation that has progressed so far in technology as to enable us to listen to what they have to say wherever we are on earth. And it is a blessing to know that we, the imhabitants of that earth, are God's children, and that he has been thinking of us. He wants us to be as succesful as we can be in this life, and so he give us though his prophets words of wisdom, comfort, and warning to help us on our way.

Last week, my great grandfather passed away. Despite the sadness of the occasion, I did not cry when I found out, and I probably won't at his funeral service (not much, anyway). Do not mistake me - it is not because I am in anyway cold or heartless. I have not mourned his loss for three reasons: the first, because he lived in California, and I did not see him often or know him intimately. I did, however see him frequently enough to know what manner of man he was, and to enjoy my visits to his home. The second, because he has been ill for many months, and all of us knew that his time had come. But thirdly and most importantly, I did not cry because I have been blessed with great knowledge. I know without a shadow of a doubt that his spirit lives on, and that one day I will have to opportunity to see him again and come to know him better.

Today I was able to witness a beautiful occasion - the blessing of a new baby. The child, my newborn cousin Grady, was blessed by his father in their ward church building. In my mind there is no more moving or more powerful sight than that of a circle of worthy priesthood holders taking an infant in their arms and invoking the blessings of heaven upon him. I have been blessed to have this power in my life. Any time that I or one of my siblings was ill, even if it were two in the morning my father would don a white shirt and tie and come to our bedside to minister to his fevered child.

I have been blessed in so many ways - with loving family, a good education, dear friends, food and shelter, and good health. But the greatest blessings of all are the everlasting things, the truths I have come to know that will never end. Eternal families, the atonement, the priesthood, the restored gospel - all these are things that will stand to the last, even when the world itself crumbles at my feet. This I know for myself, and I cannot deny it.

For any of you who are reading this from Sunday Scribblings, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The words I have written today are no less than my testimony, and so I close in the name of our savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ.

May God bless and keep you all - 'til we meet again.


  1. Sorry for your loss...
    as always, pretty much your text, and, wow, you are a very religious girl...not so easy to see nor so easy to stay...I studied to be a Catholic priest for some years but as I said "not so easy is to stay"...

  2. thanks by your comment,always encouraging...What I mean "not so easy is to stay" is that staying with the religious purposes is extremely difficult when, apparently, the whole world disagrees with you. I say this because of my own religious experience. However, my reality looked very different from yours. I just was introduced to religious matters when I met the monastery, at my 15 years. You,on the other hand, seem to have all the family interested in this subject which, in my view, it seems fascilites things
    Hope you get all your purposes. I think you'd be great apostle, as you said yourself. You have courage!!!

  3. Yeah, already heard about them. They have many temples here. The most beautiful I have ever seen is in the city Recife, Brazil. It has one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.

  4. The older I become, the more I believe that faith is a choice. Events occur the meaning of which is ambiguous. We can interpret those events as coincidence, chalk them up to luck or happenstance; or we can assign spiritual meaning to them. That decision---to see with an eye of faith is a choice which (I agree with David) requires courage--a step into the darkness, trusting in a promised hand.